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Specialise on Modern, Contemporary, Classic Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobe Design

The philosophy of our Kitchen Cabinets & Wardrobe Cabinets design business is to provide new solutions being able to demonstrate the creativity and ability to reform conventional tailor-made cabinet with standardized modular cabinet systems for the current growing generations of new home owners.

As a cabinet solutions provider, we believe that these new and current home owners have an option to choose, regardless of their kitchen cabinet & wardrobe system requirements and needs. Hence, we aim to secure this opportunity to offer various new furnishing options that stimulates through creativity, understanding and self-choice through daily usage. With the much anticipated home ownership program being introduced and encouraged from the government, we foresee a big growth of demands towards the house furnishing industry for new and creative ideas to fulfill new generation requirements. Furthermore, backed by personnel’s of multiple years of experiences in the home furnishing and cabinetry industry, we believe our cabinet solutions strongly support our mission on to introducing creative yet functional cabinetry solutions for all of these potential market audiences.

Kustomate Cabinet Differences

We start by listening to you, then working with you to create the cabinetry sets that work perfectly for the way you like to live. Our interior designers will then work with you on the finer details of your customized cabinets design, highlighting practical issues to your attention and offer professional advice. Once your design is finalized, the designer will use state-of-the-art computer aided design to show you a 3D color presentation of your new cabinet sets.

Then once you have chosen your ideal cabinet sets and finalized your design preference, you can leave the rest to us. Our co-ordination team will manage the whole project and will ensure that everything arrives accordingly.

We pride ourselves in providing quality products that deliver total customer satisfaction. We not only do our custom storage areas make your home space more functional and accessible, they also make it more elegant and appealing, leaving you with luxurious home storage you will love.

Kustomate Cabinet Limited Lifetime Warranty

Kustomate Cabinet Industry Sdn. Bhd. differs from its competitor by implementing “Limited Lifetime Warranty” for our customers. This warranty covers a (1) year of any “Manufacturing Defects” upon completion and “Lifetime Service Warranty”, as a token of quality assurance from us to meet your requirements and expectations.

The warranties being covered on our cabinetries are subjected to “Terms and Conditions” stated in our warranty guidelines. You can be rest assured in receiving the best services and products from us anytime for functional, durable and reliable cabinetry solutions.

Kustomate Kitchen Cabinets Lifetime Warranty

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